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Ancient Minerals – A Look into Some Nutrient Supplementation Methods

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One of the major concerns that people have concerning their health is the fact that they are deficient of important nutrients and vitamins in the body. For that reason several methods are prescribed for ensuring that this deficiency is corrected. Dietary means and supplements are the common methods of dealing with deficiencies.

Each of these methods has been tried and several findings have been made as we shall discover in this post. You will also find out that Ancient Minerals provides an efficient and effective way to provide magnesium supplementation for you.

Dietary Methods

The oldest method of nutrient intake in the body is through the diet. The balanced diet has been the most prescribed method and because of its natural nature, many have opted for it. It has also been discovered, however, that dietary measures have their limitations. One of them is the fact that a person may be allergic to certain foods which contain the nutrient they need. Secondly, there is also the challenge of having a gut which ferments instead of digests food.

Pills And Supplements

Then pills were introduced into the story, as a way of helping the body to acquire these nutrients in concentrated portions which can be absorbed into the bloodstream. This method has also been found to have side effects since they are not the natural way which the body takes in nutrients. This is especially so when such supplements are taken together or when they are substituted for prescription medicine or they can react to other medications being taken.

The challenge remained on how to safely acquire certain minerals and nutrients in the body without causing more harm to the body and there came the skin supplementation method.

Skin Supplementation

Spas and saunas have over time been found to be successful in treating the skin and also giving treatment using skin-permeable nutrients. Giving nutrients through the skin has been found to be by far the safest method when it comes to certain minerals. Such minerals are known as transdermal minerals- meaning that they are transmitted through the skin.

These are medically constituted to give the right quantity of minerals and they are applied to the skin after taking a bath. They work better than injections because they have no side effects.

Ancient Minerals has made use of this intervention in mineral supplementation and has created products which will both nourish your skin and add nutrients to your body. For instance, Ancient Mineral bath flakes will give you the opportunity to soak in the much needed magnesium into your skin as you take a bath and you are sure to have a refreshing experience. With that, you transform your bath time to both a hygienic and nutritional experience. Every single cell in your body will be rejuvenated by the intake since magnesium is a key nutrient in the cellular functions of the body.

Other products from Ancient Minerals are the lotion and oil which you can use whenever you do not have the time to soak in a tub of magnesium flakes. You have the opportunity to not only treat your skin, but also take in nutrients and prevent diseases. You are bound to enjoy the Ancient Minerals experience!