Debunking The 5 Myths Of A Breast Augmentation Process

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Debunking The 5 Myths Of A Breast Augmentation Process

Breast-Lift-04A breast augmentation process is currently regarded as the most common cosmetic surgery procedure in the world. Nevertheless, this upsurge in popularity has also given rise to myths and numerous misconceptions that have a tendency to change the decision-making of girls in a way that was less than good.

It is important that girls are consistently presented with the details surrounding a cosmetic procedure such as breast enhancement surgery. This can allow them to make informed choices and not shoot blindly into the dark. Here is a list of the top 5 myths regarding a breast augmentation procedure, all which were busted to reveal the truth hidden beneath.

Every ten years, replacement is required by breast implants

That is a misconception one comes across quite often. Girls that have been fitted with implants over thirty years past do not go in to get a replacement as long as they’re pleased with their look and also the implants come in a secure, easy condition and continue to carry them along. Nonetheless, girls getting a breast augmentation should have the mental willingness to carry out additional surgery as they may be asked to alter the style or size of their breast implant.

A ruptured silicone implant will cause the silicone to spread out all around the body

With the newest cohesive gel implants, this problem continues to be taken good care of. The silicone content stays intact although this type of silicone implant may be cut in half using scissors. With the older types where silicone was existing in liquid form, the case of migration in the occurrence of a rupture proved to be a major issue which led to their removal during the early 90s in the marketplace.

Using a breast improvement surgery, the degree of the areola and nipple will undoubtedly be raised

While you’ll find cases when a breast improvement process gives the impression of a lifted areola or nipple, this lift is not permanent and will subside. What mainly determines if a face lift is needed is the way the nipple is associated with the fold under the breast. Surgical breast up lift may be necessary if the nipple is below or at the degree of the fold.

Botox is an alternative for breast augmentation surgery

This is largely regarded as an online scam as no serious, extensive scientific studies exist to show the effectiveness of this procedure. Consequently, using Botox for a breast lift may be eliminated as well as regarded as a strategy that is impractical.

Silicone implants increase the risk of contracting cancer and autoimmune diseases

When the liquid silicone gel implants were in the marketplace, a moratorium was placed on their usage for breast improvement surgeries. Yet, following several studies and critiques down the years no links were found between the products and instances of cancer in individuals. The moratorium was removed, with they being replaced by cohesive gel implants and breast implants have boomed in breast augmentation processes ever since.